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New computer update

Sunday, April 9th, 2006

SO after a considerable delay, I took delivery of my new computer, purchased to speed up FS development time. I bought:
– Asus SLI motherboard
– AMD 4200+ CPU
– BFG 7900GT video card
– 2Gb RAM
– 2x400Gb SATA-II HD in RAID-0 array
– external 250Gb HD for backup
– Antec Sonata II case
– dual 19″ LCD Samsung 920N monitors
– 16x CD/DVD RW drive
– 3.5″ floppy drive
– PVR150 video capture/TV card
– MS Office Small Business Edition
– Adobe Premiere Elements
– D-Link router to connect to old computer

It took 20 days to get together, much longer than I would have liked, but I got a discount from the reseller for my trouble. However at first the CD/DVD drive did not work properly, and I took it back to the shop. They quickly diagnosed the problem as caused by the antivirus software they’d installed (Panda). Replacing that with AVG fixed the problem. There were also two bad pixels on one monitor, so they’ll replace it. And they ordered the wrong capture card, so I have to wait a few days for that.

Once up and running though, I installed FS9, and Vancouver+ Part 1, using my old fs9.cfg settings. Frame rates were awesome, with full traffic, optional features and weather (30-60 depending on where I flew), but the distance was blurry. Some fiddling with the Anisotropic Filter settings cleared this up a bit, but there is more fiddling to do.

One challenge though: despite many fiddlings I can’t get the new computer to see shared folders over the network. It works the other way, and I can see the computer, but access is denied. I posted in this thread at MSDN: http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=210947&SiteID=1

So in the meantime, I am crudely transferring many GB of files by using my external USB drive. The challenge is my old computer only has USB1.1, so I can only transfer at less than 1Mb/s to the drive. Then I can transfer at 20Mb/s to the other computer. It’s an exercize in patience.

I’ve modestly overclocked my 7900GT and got about a 10% improvement in 3Dmark06, so that was worthwhile.

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