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Vicenh06 – a bit more detail

Tuesday, April 18th, 2006

For this version of the Victoria scenery, here’s what we’re adding:

– some Victoria features that folks have asked for: Legislature, Empress and Johnson St. Bridge.

– improved landclass

– reduced the complexity of the Ogden Point Cafe to improve performance (will look identical)

– better Ultimate Terrain Canada/Alaska compatibility

– new unlisted airfields, no AFCADs for real adventure:

  • Butler Field, Saanich
  • Whiskey Point (North of Mill Bay)
  • John Gaine’s strip on Saturna Island (which doesn’t work well with the narrow shore area, we may have to fudge that)
  • Earl Hastings’ strip on N. Pender
  • Dave Thomas’ strip on Saltspring
  • Village Bay on Mayne Island

– listed airfield: CML2 Quamichan Lake (Raven Field) near Duncan. It’s on a slope (5.5%) so it doesn’t have much of an AFCAD runway (1′ long!), so it’ll show up on your maps, but won’t work for AI

– Seaplane bases:

  • CAX6 – Ganges Harbour, Saltspring Island
  • CAB3 – Bedwell Harbour, South Pender Island
  • CAP8 – Port Washington, North Pender Island
  • CAW7 – Mayne Island
  • CMAP – Maple Bay, near Duncan (used by Harbour Air)

– Heliports, most AI capable:

  • CAL7 (Ganges Hospital)
  • CBF5 (Mayne Island Medical)
  • CBK8 (Jubilee Hospital, Victoria)
  • CBW7 (Victoria General Hospital)
  • CBZ7 (Shoal Point, adjacent to Ogden Point)
  • CMBH, a private pad on Mount Belcher, Saltspring

… and there may be some other minor bits and pieces added as well.