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Almost up

Thursday, April 20th, 2006

So I got my computer back at the end of Tuesday, although I had to finish off the XP critical updates myself. And indeedy the RAID array is far faster now, and I have the full storage of 800Gb as well. Whew. So I spent most of the last day and a half installing software and peripherals. Everything is working ok now. The Hauppauge PVR-150 software wasn't working properly, but their tech support was good and I managed to get a software patch. It still may be a bit flaky, but it's much better.

I'm still missing my second monitor (returned for bad pixels), and I wonder if I'm pushing some kind of record: it's been a month now since this computer was ordered and it's still not complete.

Some good things:

  • most software reinstalled easily without quibbles. The notable exception was Finale PrintMusic!2004. It requires an internet activation which checks to see if you've got it installed on another computer, which of course I had, on my old computer. If so activation is rejected and a call to 1-800-we-annoy-legitimate-users is required. Some companies, like this one (MakeMusic), still don't get that putting honest users through hoops costs credibility and future sales. I wonder if there is any coincidence they are in the music industry. That industry is of course legitimately concerned with the rampant theft that goes on, but their draconian response (like the Sony/BMG rootkit debacle) compounds the problem and erases their credibility.
  • it runs fast! An entire design cycle in FS9 of viewing scenery in FS9, closing the program, making modifications in SBuilder, compiling the mods, restarting FS9, loading the scenery and verifying the changes is 60 seconds. Wow. I would have saved a huge amount of time if I'd done this earlier! But I'm glad I did it now.
  • I bought the PVR card for it's S-Video input, but it makes TV recording so easy that I'm again enjoying Jon Stewart's midnight show.  That's the one news show I'm willing to watch.
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