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Now here’s a scary upgrade procedure!

Saturday, April 29th, 2006

EDIT: after reading this scary bit on the LG website, I found an update program on the distribution disk that provided the same upgrade automatically with no scary warnings.  After doing this, and setting my region code for the drive, I successfully burned a DVD. 

Here's a good reason to be leery of LG DVD drives, although maybe other manufacturers have procedures just as scary to update the driver.  I looked at this because my DVD drive is failing to write disks that are readable in a standard DVD player. Instead of a driver update, one gets to update the firmware, like this:

Note: Not following the subsequent update instructions explicitly will result in
permanent damage to your drive, for which LG will not be responsible.

Critical Instructions: (to be followed carefully)

1. Connect the drive as "master" by it self, on the secondary IDE controller
   with no other device on the same IDE cable, making note to set the jumper
   on the back of the drive to the "master" position.

2. Download the file GSA-H10A_JL03(EW).ZIP to a folder of your choice.
   This download includes this "Read me(ew)" text file, as well as the GSAH10A_JL03.EXE
   program, which will auto-update your drive's firmware.

3. Close all other programs including: screen saver, antivirus and/or power-down programs.
   (If these programs are not closed, they will try to engage the PC, during the update process,
   thus interrupting the update and damaging the drive).

4. Check the drive to ensure that there is no disk in the tray
   before you start the update procedure.

5. Go into the folder with the update file and double click the GSAH10A_JL03.EXE program
   and click the "Update" button. Once the update is complete,
   you will see "Update was Complete" and advise you to reboot the system.

   Do not open any programs or start any system functions during the update,
   as they will interfere with data transfer and damage the drive.
   Do not cancel the operation once it has been started or the drive will
   become permanently damaged, as a result.

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