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Gamepad flying

Sunday, April 30th, 2006

When a certain (now ex-) ACES team member mentioned he enjoyed using a gamepad for flying there were the expected exclamations of dismay from purists.  But I’ve been trying it, and it’s way more fun to fly.  A little challenge with the rudder with no twist, but for non-heli flying it was fun taking an Aerosoft A-10 from CYYJ, south to CYWH, then back north across CYVR, CYHC and then up Howe Sound to CYSE.  Then I swung over to the Fraser Valley, down to CYHE and back home.  Great weather, except rather poor visibility in the Fraser Valley (using ASv6) and nice framerates.  Still my favourite area to fly.

I set up FSAutoStart today to minimize stutters. Great little program.