Busy week

Friday, May 12th, 2006

Most of this week has been taken up with job-hunting and volunteer work (co-op membership committee and some MKP work).  I realized on the job-hunting front I was constraining the type of position too much: I like to create motivated teams who exceed goals.  I’d put that in a operations/project manager box, but it can be done just as easily in a customer support or HR or relocation environment.  I’m content with that.

In flightsimland Holger and I worked through some shoreline issues, and Don Grovestine has been providing some good feedback in that area.  I’ve added a few more buildings, including the Save-on-Foods Memorial Centre arena which is quite prominent from the air with its bright white roof, and some parks and golf courses.  My sister and her husband and I climbed Mount Work on Wednesday, and it was fun later to duplicate the view in the sim.  We only had views to the West, but in the sim I can see that from this 443m peak the view to the east would have been spectacular.

The CBW9 Madrona Bay helipad does not work well with AI because of surrounding terrain.

I also reinstalled Ultimate Traffic this week after a one year absence and that’s added a lot of life.  It’s still possible to bring this machine to its knees with 100% traffic at LAX (450 aircraft in the area) and real-world weather with all sliders maxed. Down to 11FPS or so.

I’m playing with Jim Keir’s version 2 of LWM viewer as well, which could not run on my old video card.  Very cool, although I’ve yet to get deeply into it.