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Technical Funnies

Monday, May 15th, 2006

The new machine is in general working quite well and both allowing me to be much more productive and to enjoy simming a lot more.  There are still some glitches:

  • I added some more addon scenery and unfortunately messed up my road system in Canada: defaults are still showing, and I can’t fully disable my UT roads.  I’m trying to avoid a reinstall as it as been a long road to cautiously install addons up until now.  No pun intended, honest.
  • The analog video I capture with the PVR-150 as 12Mbit CBR MPEG2 isn’t always read properly by Premiere Elements: the audio is sometimes screwed up.  In one case the same 30 second bit of audio repeats throughout the project when seen in Elements, but it plays fine in PowerDVD.  Weird.  Hauppauge tech support can’t offer any answers this time, and I posted on a forum.  I’m also disappointed that the PVR-150 does not have lossless capture option, and that other capture programs can’t see or capture properly from the PVR-150 S-Video port.  My fallback here is to do the capture on my old computer: the Ti4200 SVideo port works fine, and I can capture AVI with WinProducer.  The new computer took less than an hour to burn a 2 hour DVD, I was quite impressed.
  • I still haven’t heard back from TASCAM on the problem with the US-122: if I leave the USB device plugged in, my computer won’t go to sleep and seems to lock up at times.  Simply removing the USB plug solves this.  I use the TASCAM box rarely so it’s not a big deal, but it’s unfortunate that I haven’t heard back from them.