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Coast Guard heli at CBZ7 – Shoal Point

Wednesday, May 17th, 2006

Thanks to Razbam, Vancouver+ users will see a new heli repaint at Shoal Point, Coast Guard C-FDOF.  This heli does a little loop around the harbour in the opposite direction to the Helijet heli at the adjacent CBF7. 

I should note that my screenshots do not capture my hardware antialiasing, so they look jaggy.  I haven’t reinstalled a screenshot program yet.

And speaking of the harbour traffic, I am running Ultimate Traffic and have assigned the Helijet S-61 to the Helijet rotary wing aircraft in the Victoria-Vancouver schedule.  BUT that schedule in UTraffic indicates CYWH to CYHC, the floatplane base ICAOs, not the Heliport ICAOs (CBF7/CBC7).  So now I have Sikorskys docking in the harbour.  Oooops.