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FS9 Reinstall. Well, almost.

Friday, May 19th, 2006

So after getting some of my default-altering addons tangled, a lot of my FS9 default files seemed messed up. So I chose to do a partial reinstall. I did this by:

  • backing up my entire FS9 folder first
  • uninstalling any addons that modify default files (ASV6, FE, V+, Ultimate Terrain, Freight Dogs, Misty Fjords, EDDF, Orcas Island, BEV, etc.)
  • restoring my original distribution Flight Simulator 9\Scenery and \Texture folders from my backup copy
  • copying back my Ultimate Traffic traffic.bgl into Scenery\World\Scenery and disabling the default traffic file by renaming to traffic.utb

This meant I didn’t have to install/uninstall: FS9/9.1 patch, a pile of aircraft, Ultimate Traffic, FSG landclass and mesh, other non-default altering scenery.

I’m still tussling with having run out of reactivations for one package, but otherwise this seems to have worked, and been much quicker than a full reinstall.