Work on VicPlus

Monday, May 22nd, 2006

Lots of fiddly bits in the last week on VicPlus:

  • added radar dome and antenna to Mount Newton (near CYYJ)
  • fix up floatplane docks at CYWH to match new harbour object
  • adjusted Bay Street Bridge to new elevations (and lengthened it, and added exclusions)
  • add breakwater and docks to the Pat Bay research station
  • started to slightly realign inner harbour boat docks
  • changed tower location for CYWH, CBF7 and CBZ7 to the correct location
  • fixed the tiger-stripe hold-short mark at all the floatplane bases

Thanks to Don Grovestine for the last item.  He discovered that if you draw the link from the runway node to the hold short node (rather than the other way around), no H/S marker is created.  This allows me to make the apron route approaching the H/S node 20′ wide, minimizing the possibility of taxi pileups.  Thanks, Don!