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Adventures in VideoLand

Saturday, July 29th, 2006

I’ve got a bunch of video captured with various forms of ancient technology: it sits on Hi-8, 8mm and VHS tape.  After some research, part of the new computer spec was to buy a capture card to grab and encode the video (PVR-150), and a video editing/DVD burning application (Adobe Premiere Elements).

I dabbled a couple of months ago and immediately found problems: the video capture on the PVR-150 in MPEG format played back fine on video players like Windows Media Player, but looked awful in Adobe Premiere.  This week I found my way back to the Adobe on Hauppage forums to sort this out.  You can enjoy the threads here:

Happauge PVR-150 Forum thread

Adobe Premiere Elements thread#1 (note with this forum structure you need to click on show all messages, or you only see very little of the thread)

Adobe Premiere Elements thread#2

Bottom-line is that the PVR-150 and Adobe Premiere Elements seem like a lousy video capture solution, due to vagaries in MPEG formats.  The solution of choice is the Pyro A/V+Premiere Elements.  Whoopsie.

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