The Jaggies

Friday, August 11th, 2006

A couple of weeks ago, the icons on my taskbar suddenly looked jaggy and crude.  In FS9, the display looked terrible: huge jaggies, severe shimmer; no matter what settings I used.

I finally today sat down to diagnosis this.  First problem: changing anti-aliasing on the card had no effect on the display.  Fiddled with more settings (and settings in FS9), no diff.  So I phone BFG tech support, and after an hour got a very helpful individual who quickly determined the card had gone bad, for whatever reason.  Good news: BFG has a lifetime warranty on their products, and I got an RMA#.  Bad news: managing the logistics of losing my video card for a couple of weeks.  I’ve asked my dealer (who warrants the system) to give me a loaner.