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Jaggies part 2

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

It’s getting more interesting! My dealer kindly lent me a video card while mine was sent off for repair … and it had the same problem! So it’s not the video card, hold that RMA, please.

He thinks it’s a RAM or power supply problem, but before taking the machine into the shop, I wanted to ensure I’d tested every variability I could think of (and some others have had good ideas too). So I’ve tried:

– two different model video cards (Nvidia 7900GT and 6200)
– three different monitors with three different video cables (2xSamsung 920N and one Samsung 710N)
– two different video adapter drivers (84.21 and 91.31), uninstalling, running drivercleaner, re-booting into safe mode to reinstall
– re-installing DirectX9
– two different monitor drivers (920N and 710N)
– dxdiag reports no problems

And after all this, the problem looks slightly worse.

I’m quite intrigued as to what the problem could be ….

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