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For those who are trying out their FS9 scenery in the FSX beta

Saturday, September 16th, 2006

I’ve posted some of the implications of trying FS9 scenery in FSX below.  Although it looks like a long list of stuff that doesn’t work, no need to panic, the results could be very different in the final release.

EDIT: This post is superseded by the October 5 preliminary evaluation of the FSX retail version.  See that entry.

What works:

  • support for the current method of land-water-mask (LWM) polygons
  • landclass
  • elevation mesh
  • object placement and day textures

What sort of works:

  • aircraft AI work fine, although there is an issue with 1 foot water runways showing up, ie no longer invisible.  This may or may not be fixed in the FSX final version
  • water AI works, but there is an issue of conflict with the default water traffic.  Default traffic wanders at will and cannot be selectively disabled: either it’s enabled or the global water traffic file is disabled
  • CYVR has been significantly improved in FSX, but there may be some conflicts to be resolved
  • a number of very nice building models have been added to downtown Vancouver.  Some we may use, some not.  Regardless a bunch of new exclusion work needs to be done.
  • we haven’t seen bridges yet

What doesn’t work: (we’ll get all this stuff to work, which may mean creating FSX-specific files, and this could take a while, or not):

  • alpha channels work differently now: which means that a number of objects that use transparency may not show up properly.  This include windows, but also the girderwork of bridges, like the Second Narrows
  • some ship models have been changed: they look good, but are a different size
  • this beta version does not support VTP lines, meaning that coastlines, roads, railways and other features that use this method will not work in the FSX beta.  It is expected that this will be supported in the final release, but we will see this at the same time as everyone else, so cannot guarantee or test functionality until then
  • there are some other unsupported features, like untextured gmax objects, that may or may not be supported in the final release
  • the flight folder structure has been changed.  This may prove a challenge for addon developers to allow easy access to flights intended to match with a particular scenery
  • FS9 elevated platforms do not work, so elevated helipads don’t work.
  • night textures (LM maps) on objects do not work