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Vancouver+1 Version 1.1 Release Update

Saturday, September 16th, 2006

It turns out that despite their best efforts of Microsoft, we will not know how compatible FSX will be with legacy FS9 scenery like Vancouver+ until the official FSX release. And it may be some time after that for us to untangle and adapt. So we’re back to the original plan: releasing an upgrade for current FS9 users as soon as possible. Holger and I are almost finished our changes, and Ken should be able to start working on the configurator shortly.

Here’s a tentative list of the changes you’ll see with this free upgrade:

Aircraft and AI

  • additional floatplane aircraft: DHC-3 Otter (and turbine Otter) and DHC-6 (Twin Otter), including new repaints for Seair and Salt Spring
  • extensive real-world floatplane traffic for Baxter Air, Harbour Air, Salt Spring Air, Seair and West Coast Air
  • removed ground effect from AI heli
  • changed contact points on floatplanes for more realistic leaning


  • eliminated hold short markings from all floatplane bases
  • eliminated hold short markings on grass from CAK3, CAL3, CBQ2, CBT6, CSK8, CYHE, CYLY, CYSE
  • removed any CYYJ files
  • fixed occasional blurry issue on CBC7 heliport
  • fixed direction of hold short marks at CAM3
  • eliminated texture fragments at CSK8
  • fixed taxiway texture issue at CYPS


  • added “The Melville” to downtown
  • added “Bentall V” to downtown
  • added HR Macmillian Space Museum (including the Planetarium)
  • added Flying Beaver building to CAM9
  • added Park Place building to downtown
  • excluded buildings at North end of Queensborough bridge
  • added buildings and smoke effects to Woodfibre on Howe Sound
  • more detailed logo on RBC Bentall building


  • added SkyBridge (transit bridge between New Westminster and Surrey)
  • corrected signs on Mission Bridge
  • added strobes to Alex Fraser Bridge
  • fixed texture mapping on light poles on Alex Fraser Bridge
  • added textures to nautical light models


  • included missing wake effect for Cruise Ship
  • improved effects on small boats
  • changed boat config so they don’t show up in aircraft list


  • renamed UT Box to “Ultimate Terrain Canada/Alaska”
  • fixed UT configuration/exclude issue
  • added UT night light option
  • fixed issue where scenery entries were not always added to the configurator
  • fixed memory leak issue with UT


  • fixed double shorelines north of Ganges on Salt Spring Island
  1. Frank Grindel
    Monday, September 18th, 2006 at 12:48 pm

    Hi Jon,

    Thanks for including the Flying Beaver Bar to the Vancouver Update. I know it will look terrific.


  2. Monday, September 18th, 2006 at 1:00 pm

    No worries, Frank. Good to hear from you.

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