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New Canadian Airports in FSX

Sunday, October 8th, 2006

Note: I compiled this list from an earlier beta of FSX, it may not be complete

Alberta – 26 new fields: CDO2, CEC7, CED6, CEX9, CFB3, CFB5, CFD5, CFD9,  CFF2, CFF9, CFM8, CFP5, CFW3, CFQ4, CFR2, CFR7, CFS8, CFT2, CFU3, CFU4, CFU8, CFX8, CFY4, CFZ3, CFZ5 and CGB2. The ICAO code for Turner Valley is incorrect (FY6), should be CFY6

British Columbia  – 9 new fields: CBW4, CCS6, CCI9, CBW8, CBA9, CBT3 and CBK6, CML2, CSK8.

Newfoundland – One new field: CHG2

New Brunswick – 2 new fields: CCF9 and CSB5

Northwest Territories – One new field: CRE2.  Also name corrected for CET4, Fort Simpson Island

Nova Scotia – Two new fields: CDW2, CFH4

Nunavut – no change

Manitoba has 11 new facilities: CJA4, CKX4, CJB2, CKJ5 (moat 132290), CJT8, CJC8, CAV9, CRP2, CKD7, CKJ2, and CYVD. 
48Y has been moved from Manitoba to Minnesota, and the incorrect C48Y designation corrected.  It actually straddles the border.

Ontario – a net of 6 new fields : CCT2 , CLA4, CPL3, CPP6, CRL2 and CSX7.  NW3 has been correctly re ID’d as CNW3.  And of course the 3 Hawkesbury fields are now listed in Ontario (CNV4, CPD8, CPG5)

PEI – unchanged

Quebec – 4 new fields: CTQ4, CTE5, CTT5 and CYFE.  The 3 Hawkesbury airports that were incorrectly stated as in Quebec in FS9 (they are in Ontario) have now found their way back home. For folks from La Belle Province, finding airports has been made much simpler by normalizing what was a mishmash of “St <City>”, “St. <City>” and “St-<City>”. 

Saskatchewan – 21 or 22 new: CBS7, CCL2, CKV6, CJN5, CJC2, CKS3, CKW6, CKH3, CJU7, CKK4, CKS6, CKN5, CKM4, CKV2, CKJ9, CJW3, CKN8, CKA7, CKL9, CKA9, CKP2, and CKZ2.

Yukon Territory – One new field: CFT5