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What else do I do?

Tuesday, October 31st, 2006

I frequently get asked, “Do you work on flight simulation full-time?”  Indeed the FS world is a vortex that can absorb as much time as I want (especially with FSX here!), but it’s not a full-time gig for me.  In the real world (aka “the RW”), I provide consulting and coaching services to companies and individuals.  It’s an outgrowth of my executive and management experience, primarily in high-technology; which itself evolved from my Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering background.  I have a corporate website which has lots more info on what I offer.  Recently I’ve begun to market my services beyond Victoria and to Vancouver and Seattle.

I  have a personal site too with some miscellaneous stuff.  Oddly that’s where I host my flightsim page.  I also maintain the webpage for the local activities of the ManKind Project service organization.  For them, I organize men’s groups, administer some email lists and provide other support.

As well I carve pumpkins, drive kids to the pool, wash the occasional dish and am on the Finance Committee for our housing complex.

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