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What you will get with Victoria+

Saturday, December 16th, 2006

A Release Candidate is now with the test team.  Here’s a summary of the features in Victoria+.  You can download the documentation here.

In Victoria+, we’ve added a wealth of features, while optimizing the scenery so it has less of a performance impact than previous versions. Many bugs have been addressed, and existing features improved. We’ve worked closely with Don Grovestine to ensure compatibility with his amazing new version of CYYJ  just released. The last version of this scenery (vicenh05) was bundled with Aerosoft’s Beaver, and won flugsimulation.com’s award as one of the best Freeware Scenery releases of 2005. (And Vancouver+ won third place in Best Software in all categories of 2005). The last version has more than 13,000 downloads. Here’s a feature summary.

For South-Eastern Vancouver Island and most of the Southern Gulf Islands
o Revised shorelines
o IMPROVED Landclass
o 19m mesh and buffer meshes

For Victoria:
o Boat docks with static boats
o Seaplane docks and terminal buildings for Harbour Air (N48° 25.42’ W123° 22.26’), Hyack Air Terminal (serves Kenmore Air, Pat Bay Air) (N48° 25.57’ W123° 22.27’) and West Coast Air (N48° 25.45’ W123° 22.26’)
o NEW Custom model of the Johnson Street (N48° 25.69’ W123 22.30’) Bridge, and generic model of the Bay Street bridge (N48° 26.06’ W123° 22.70’)
o NEW Custom models for major buildings: Empress Hotel, Legislature buildings, Regent Hotel, Save-On-Foods Memorial Arena and Somerset House
o A number of generic buildings simulating the converted warehouses that front the harbour
o NEW Many generic buildings representing real-world buildings throughout Victoria
o NEW Harbour markers: yellow marker buoys (with 4 second strobe lights) guiding small boat traffic along the south side of the Middle Harbour. White marker buoys guiding kayak and canoe traffic on the north side of the Middle Harbour.

For Ogden Point:
o Piers, buildings, breakwater and other components of the Ogden Point Terminal, Victoria, Canada (N48° 25.0’ W123° 23.3’)
o Dock, service building and pilot boats of the Pacific Pilotage Authority (N48° 24.88’ W123° 23.18’)
o Odgen Point Cafe and Dive Shop (N48° 24.92’ W123° 23.08’)
o Custom seasonal trees and bushes

For the area:
o Marine navigational lights for Victoria Harbour and area, including Esquimalt harbour and Oak Bay
o Antennae location corrections for the area
o Objects: Centre of the Universe observatory (N48° 31.19’ W123° 25.10’), Elk Lake Boathouse (N48° 31.50’ W123° 23.44’), Christ Church Cathedral (N48° 25.33’ W123° 21.56’), NEW CYYJ radar dome on Mt. Newton (N48° 36.73’ W123° 26.68’)
o NEW Buildings and docks of the Patricia Bay Coast Guard and research facility (N48° 39.14’ W123° 26.89’
o NEW Ferry docks for Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands: Long Harbour, Fulford Harbour, Vesuvius, Otter Bay, Crofton, Swartz Bay, Sidney, Mill Bay, Brentwood Bay, Village Bay, Saturna Island, Sturdies Bay

Land-based airports:
o NEW Butler Field, Central Saanich, (Unlisted) N48° 33.6993’ W123° 25.6523’ Elev. 335’ Length 320m (and shrinking!)
o NEW Raven Field, Quamichan Lake, Duncan (CML2), N48° 48.7167′ W123° 39.0415′ Elev. 147.6’ Length 480m
o NEW Whiskey Point, Mill Bay, (Unlisted) N48° 39.8376 W123° 32.5840 Elev. 216’ Length 320m
o NEW Gaines Strip, Saturna Island, (Unlisted) N48° 47.6115 W123° 6.8826 Elev. 85’ Length 150m
o NEW Hastings Strip, North Pender Island, (Unlisted) N48° 46.9418 W123° 17.0467 Elev. 114’ Length 482m
o NEW Thomas Strip, Salt Spring Island, (Unlisted) N48° 51.7962 W123° 31.4594 Alt 106’ Length 530m
o NEW Village Bay, Mayne Island, (Unlisted) N48° 50.3625 W123° 18.4977 Alt 144’ Length 920m

Floatplane facilities:
o NEW Bedwell Harbour, South Pender Island (CAB3), N48° 45.2130′ W123° 14.5053′
o NEW Victoria International Seaplane Base (CAP5) (N48° 39.28’ W123° 27.31’)
o NEW Port Washington, North Pender Island (CAP8) N48° 48.7749′ W123° 19.3460′
o NEW Mayne Island (CAW7) N48° 51.2179′ W123° 18.0950′
o NEW Ganges Harbour, Salt Spring Island (CAX6) N48° 51.2130′ W123° 29.5054′
o NEW Maple Bay, Duncan (CMAP (not an official ICAO code)) N48° 49.0167′ W123° 36.0000′
o NEW Shawnigan Lake (CAV8) N48° 37.9227′ W123° 38.2333′ Elev. 388.0’
o Victoria Harbour (CYWH) seaplane base (N48° 25.5’ W123° 25.3’)

o NEW Ganges Hospital (CAL7) N48° 51.7520′ W123° 30.5193′ Elev. 158’
o NEW Mayne Island Medical (CBF5) N48° 50.7946′ W123° 17.0472′ Elev. 193’
o Camel Point Public Heliport (CBF7) (N48° 25.1’ W123° 23.3’) Elev. 8’
o NEW Jubilee Hospital (CBK8) N48° 26.0591′ W123° 19.5094′ Elev. 64’
o NEW Victoria General Hospital (CBW7) N48° 28.0841′ W123° 25.9676′ Elev. 65’
o NEW Madrona Bay, Salt Spring Island (CBW9) N48° 51.3402′ W123° 29.1375′ Elev. 6.6’
o NEW Shoal Point, Victoria (CBZ7) N48° 25.3846′ W123° 23.2465′ Elev. 8.2’
o NEW Mount Belcher, Salt Spring Island (CMBH) N48° 50.0001′ W123° 30.2700′ Elev. 1032’

AFCADs for the ship and boat traffic (SEA1, VIC1, VIC2, VIC3)

AI craft models and repaints (Cruise ships are repaints of Asuka model by Mitsuya Hamaguchi)
o Ship: MS Amsterdam of the Holland America Line travelling from Victoria to Vancouver
o Ship: MS Summit of the Celebrity Cruise Line travelling from Seattle to Victoria
o Helicopter: S-61 Sea-King in Helijet colours
o Boat: Pacific Pilot custom vessel working from the Pilot dock
o Pleasure boats: 22, 30 and 40 foot vessels plying the harbour and nearby Straight of Juan de Fuca
o Note: users of Misty Fjords and Vancouver+ will also get additional cruise ship traffic: the Island Princess and the Volendam alternating with the Amsterdam and Summit
o NEW For Vancouver+ users (which has the AI DHC-2 beaver model): floatplane traffic for Harbour Air and Pat Bay Air. Vancouver+ also has flightplans which will populate the VictoriaPlus area with lots of traffic
o NEW For Vancouver+ users (which has the Bell 206L model): Canada Coast Guard helicopter flying from CBZ7 (Shoal Point) and BC Ambulance helicopter flying from CMBH (Mount Belcher, Salt Spring Island)

Other components:
o Effects files for lights, water, smoke effects
o Several Flight
o Custom tree library

  1. Garett
    Sunday, December 17th, 2006 at 12:26 am

    I just realized that this release is for FS9/2004 and not FSX. Much sadness.

  2. Sunday, December 17th, 2006 at 8:44 am

    Yup, it’ll be a while before we can release good-quality stuff for FSX. Many changes are required.

  3. Garett
    Monday, December 18th, 2006 at 2:19 am

    Are you planning to move development to that platform now that you have a new release (which looks to me to be definitive)? I’ve just started scenery for creston bc and the level of detail is fantastic, and so i can understand how long it takes to realize the level of the current victoria+ using FS9.

    Which looks freaking awesome, did I mention that? This ought to make you rich(er).

  4. Mark
    Monday, December 18th, 2006 at 8:37 am

    My concern with add-on scenery, aircraft and well just about anything add-on that’s of any quality is the FPS issue that the majority of the simming community seem to have, myself included. I don’t have the best system, but I certainly don’t have one you’d consider slow. I own FSX, tried it and uninstalled it the same day because the FPS issue is something I’m not prepared to fix by throwing money at it. I think Holger and Jon are doing the right thing by letting FSX ‘settle’ a while, get the kinks worked out and build from there.

    I have to tell you Jon, I find my way to your website about 10 times a day (on my days off) looking for signs of the Victoria+ release. Keep up the good work!

  5. Monday, December 18th, 2006 at 8:46 am

    Thx for the kind words, guys! Future development plans are focused on completing FS9 stuff (Victoria+ and Glacier Bay) then concurrently working on CYVR for FSX with Bill Womack and Vancouver+ for FSX with Holger. So, yes, the future is FSX-focused, but we’re not rushing into it, and working to fully understand the environment and capabilities.

  6. Mark
    Monday, December 18th, 2006 at 8:56 am

    I think that’s a very good plan Jon.

  7. Monday, December 18th, 2006 at 8:59 am

    Another variable with FSX is what will be included in the upcoming patch. We know they will address performance, but what other development issues might be solved? I think it’ll be a while before this is clear.

  8. Mark
    Monday, December 18th, 2006 at 9:01 am

    In addition to the patch, the new DX10 graphics cards might open up the performance of FSX a bit which might allow you to put more into the scenery.

  9. Garett
    Monday, December 18th, 2006 at 12:56 pm

    That seems like a totally sensible design plan. As for the FPS issue, you would want to try turning things down using the ‘custom’ menu instead of just selecting the lowest on the sliders in the main options screen. They obviously developed FSX to scale to tomorrows hardware, but its still a very playable version, and I’m finding that the environment mapping and even the flight dynamics are improved (greatly when it comes to the environment).

    I’m sad that it seems it will be quite a while before I see an improvement in the look of victoria; most of the airfields arent here. I definately understand the apprehension of moving to a new system from the perspective of the developer, and you’re probably making the right decision.

  10. Per
    Tuesday, December 19th, 2006 at 6:16 am

    Just picked up CYYJ 2007 and read in the manual that there was an update for Vicen05 in production.
    This is the best news for a very long time. I just love Victoria 05 and have spent alot of flighthours over the area just marvelling at the boat and air traffic. This will be my best christmasgift this year if it is released in december.

  11. Jurgen
    Thursday, March 22nd, 2007 at 5:05 am

    Vic+ WILL work in FSX!!!
    The only things that need removing, are some flatten files,some watermasks(found out by just experimenting) and one file that places a city block texture under Bay street bridge.(weird…)
    FS9Landclass in ignored in FSX, so there`s no problem there.

    Vic+ AI will not work, which IMHO is not a problem, given the exellent boat traffic already in FSX. Even FSX`s Ferries dock at the right spot (Which in turn proves that vic+ is exellent qua placement of objects)
    One`s free to mail me about what files have to go if JonPatch & co don`t mind (very important!!!)
    Otherwise, just remove this post..no harm done.

  12. Friday, March 23rd, 2007 at 8:07 pm

    Yup, Jurgen, it’s sort of close. There are actually a few other funnies as well, but feel free to share. Note that your email address is not published here unless you put it in the comment field.

  13. Bill Mackay
    Friday, July 6th, 2007 at 6:05 pm


    Will you please tell me how to contact Jurgen (comment #11). I want to discuss what VIC+ files have to go for FSX (per his offer).


  14. Friday, July 6th, 2007 at 7:04 pm

    Roger that Bill, you’ll get an email.

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