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Skagway ready for Beta2

Monday, February 5th, 2007

With the completion of the night textures and the tying up of a few dozen loose ends, I’ve released Skagway to Holger for beta 2.  There are still a few minor bugs.  Here’s some screenshots. 

Holger and I independently caught one FS9 bug we’d never noticed before: the MS generic storage tank model we used has a transparent alpha channel, and the assigned area of the night texture is black.  Net result: they disappear at night!  This would have been true for some of the tanks on the side of Burnaby Mountain in Vancouver+ Part 1 as well.  Anyhow, the proposed fix will patch FS9 for everyone.  (BTW MS fixed this in FSX)

EDIT: Here’s a hi-res bonus shot of looking off to the right on final approach on 02.

The Veendam at dusk.

Overview of the port facilities.  For a hi-res version click here.

Veendam and Dawn Princess.

Container Yard (click here for hi-res version)