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Meanwhile, in the real-world

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

With the substantial completion of my little corners of Glacier Bay, I’m taking a break this week from FS for some business planning for the next couple of years.  I want to balance the FS development with my contract services, and that requires that I put follow my own advice and bring my business plan up to date.  So over last week and this, I’ve completed a draft, sent it to my trusted advisors for review, and integrated their sage comments into my plan.  Here’s the sections:

  • Opportunity
  • Objectives
  • Business Areas
  • Assets (education, training, experience, attributes, network)
  • Strategy
  • Marketing (Market definition, plan)
  • Infrastructure
  • Implementation Plan (which includes milestones, allocation of time to each business area, etc.)
  • Risk Management (list of risks and mitigation for each)
  • Financial Plan
  • Appendices (details on education, training, industry and product experience, international experience, client/employer list, work experience summary (=accomplishments), community service)

Much of this material is fodder for specific client proposals: I can pick out the relevant info easily from the boilerplate. Although all the plans I create or facilitiate have essentially the same sections, no two are ever the same.  I think it important to tailor the plan to the opportunity.