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Vancouver+1 Part 1 (City and Landscape) for FSX update

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

Holger and I are working away on this right now.  Holger’s recent Bella Coola release (download here) allowed him to learn a lot of the nuances of FSX.  And Ron Zambrano is doing a bunch of AI floatplanes for FSX for us.  We’re not ready to announce a release date, for one thing we would like to test on the upcoming FSX SP1 patched version, and no release date has been announced for that.

We are discovering that it’ll be best to continue use a number of FS9 techniques in this release: either the tools aren’t available yet, or there is not a known way to implement what we want in FSX.  Examples are seaplane AFCADs (FSX won’t accept the invisible runway technique) and LWM3 polys (land-water masks that have slope).  As well, unless anyone comes up with a solution, we won’t have heli AI at elevated pads, which was a very small part of the release anyway.

I’m back on the Lion’s Gate Bridge now and will post shots as bits come together.