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What’s your FASFRBI?

Saturday, March 17th, 2007

What’s your FSX Arbitrary Simplistic Frame Rate Benchmark Index?  Mine’s 19.4.  I created some bits that will help you determine your frame rate performance, so you can compare after you install SP1.  You measure frame rates at 5 locations (flight situations provided for EDDF, CYYZ, KLAX, KORD and north of KSEA) under 4 different conditions (full autogen, traffic, fancy water; no autogen, no traffic, fancy water; no autogen, no traffic, simple water; and the last repeated in full-screen mode).  I also provide an FSX.cfg file to ensure parameters are set properly.  Back up your old one first, so you can restore easily!!!  Best of all is a pretty spreadsheet where you can compile your results and show your friends.

Read the enclosed instructions carefully, and if you mess up your FSX installation, you’re on your own.  Download from http://www.jonpatch.ca/flightsim/FSX_Benchmark_17-Mar-2007.zip  Make sure you defrag first!  Note when comparing to mine that I am running XP SP2 with Nvidia drivers.

With SP1 hopefully coming out in April, now’s the time to run your benchmark.