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A dearth of screenshots

Monday, April 9th, 2007

Be assured that Vancouver+ development is continuing during FSX SP1.  We can’t screenshot until SP1 is released, but the team over the last 10 days has:

  • prototyped the installer/configurator
  • completed the unlisted fields
  • tested and adjusted AI behaviour extensively, including modifying helipads to work in FSX (more to do there)
  • finished the new hi-res industrial texture and created the autogen (this replaces more than 1,700 generic buildings in the FS9 version)
  • corrected light effects and fine-tuned them where necessary
  • worked on converting waterfalls (and adding sound!)
  • completed traffic vectors for most major bridges
  • installed the seagulls and added new animated hawks
  • worked through a bunch of bugs
  • done some performance metrics and testing
  • created new road textures for the bridges
  • improved the concrete texture on most bridges
  • adjusted CYPK taxiway signs to match slightly changed AFCAD
  • created new waterfront building in Vancouver next to the Callisto