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New addition revealed in Vancouver+ for FSX

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

Inspired by Kevin Herlihy (who contacted me over a year ago), we’ve been working on adding a new detailed airport to Vancouver+ for FSX: CYNJ, Langley Regional Airport.  Airport manager George Miller has allowed Kevin excellent access to the site for photography, and we are in process of purchasing high-resolution airphoto data from the Township of Langley.  We will provide photoreal models of major buildings and objects, and photoreal display of the airport area.  Runways and other maneouvering surfaces will be FSX standard textures.

The facility is currently adding new hangers, and turf runway 07/25 is temporarily closed during construction, and will be shifted in position slightly when re-opened.  We may be able to squeeze these changes into the release.

Home to 300 aircraft, I’m very pleased that we’ll be able to add this busy field to Vancouver+.