Building RC2

Friday, June 29th, 2007

Tonight we’re building Release Candidate 2 for Vancouver+ for FSX.  The team will have 48 hours to test.  Changes from RC1 are quite minor, but we needed to confirm that one minor glitch didn’t have bigger implications.  Which it didn’t.  Here’s what we changed from RC1 to RC2.  Several of this items were actually in the queue for a future update, but we decided to put them in now.  I’m pleased we waited to clean up this issues, and that our diligent testers uncovered them…

– CAJ8: removed crash box at dock (with crash detection on, you couldn’t have your wing over the dock)
– CYNJ: moved apron edge lights (some were offset from the apron)
– CYNJ: removed static J-3 Cub in playground (it’s been removed and the area made a playground)
– updated effects_Woodfibre_Mill_FSX.BGL (great haze layer effect in Howe Sound)
– added flatten to South End of Mission Bridge (makes the terrain line up with the bridge)
– CYPK: fixed sign on building M14 (bad texture on back side)
– CYPK: fixed gap between buildings
– removed shadows from log rafts
– CYPK: removed shadows from fence
– CYPK: adjusted position of building M1 to meet fence
– CYPK: adjusted fence to meet up with building M6
– fixed land texture in Iona settling ponds (should have been and now is water)
– removed waves from Iona settling ponds (so the poo can settle)
– removed tree in bridge: N49 23.10 W121 19.13 (annoyed drivers)
– fixed bridge texture offset: N49 9.49 W121 53.79 hdg 64 (annoyed pilots)
– corrected scale of generic airport building #5 (used in a number of places, this model was oversized!)
– removed redundant generic hanger models from individual bgls (affects CBD2, CYHE, CYPS, Abbottsford, Surrey, White Rock) (rationalized library access of hanger models)
– added Swangard Stadium in Central Park, Burnaby
– added Nat Bailey Stadium near Queen Elizabeth Park (looks cool)
– finalized manual (same version as you can now download)
– CYDC: added leading zero runway designaton
– changed landclass at UBC (was residential, now has lots of big buildings + residential in the right areas)
– changed polygon type at Mission drag strip to parking (was unpopulated industrial, looked odd)
– Configurator: restore default settings checkbox so it doesn’t persist after selecting  (worked ok, but was rather ambiguous)