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Early report on Vancouver+ with customers

Friday, July 6th, 2007

The product has been out there for 4 days now, and our product support is transparent for everyone to see, and so far, considering the number of sales (and yes, they are exceeding expectations!) I’m pleased at how well the product is working.  FSX is a strange platform to piggyback on, with its own share of unresolved issues, which can just get compounded by addons.  Of course we contribute our own little glitches as well… 😉

A couple of users are experiencing a mysterious sudden drop in performance near CYVR/downtown (down to 0 fps!), which is quite interesting considering they have good systems and great performance elsewhere.  We’ll work with them to understand this better.

Meantime, we’ve got a great team, and we’ve got great customers who are patient and cooperative when it comes to fixing things up.  Thanks, all!