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James and Sidney Island in Victoria+ for FSX

Sunday, August 26th, 2007

There will be three new airstrips in Victoria+ for FSX: Hudson Island just off Thetis Island (as a result of extending the coverage area North), and James and Sidney Islands just East of CYYJ.  James Island is privately owned by billionaire Craig McCaw, unless someone has grabbed it for the US$50M price he’s put on it.  It includes an 18-hole Nicklaus-designed golf-course as well as other amenities.  Sidney Island is largely strata-owned by about a dozen owners, but under strict conditions to preserve the majority of the land as undeveloped.  These screenshots show FSX-default (but include Don’s CYYJ) vs. the islands as they will appear in Victoria+.  The airstrips are clearly visible in these views, as well as the more detailed shoreline (with custom shore texture) and improved landclass.