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The word on Acceleration and FSX SP2

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

Phil Taylor has posted details on schedule and technical content on Microsoft’s new addon for FSX, Acceleration Pack (aka XPack), and Service Pack 2 (SP2) for FSX.  There’s lots of information there: here are some highlights:

  1. XPack will be available late October
  2. SP2 will be available after XPack and before Christmas
  3. The DX10 aspect of these products will not match the expectations set by the artist’s renditions of a year ago
  4. Releases with DX10 capability, now and going forward do not promise backward compatibility with earlier versions of FS
  5. Because of these issues, the DX10 capability (although cool) is marketed as a “preview” and is not considered the primary product
  6. Phil lists a set of fixes in SP2: 8-core bug, 3G enabling (3Gb RAM usage enabling), exterior shadow quality improvements, blurry fixes, autogen batching, 737/A321 night/taxi light fix, 2D cockpit raindrops, Vista speaker/headphone audio fix, internationalization fixes, saving undocked panels, flight list is now alpha sortable (yay!!!), multiplayer compatibility between SP2 and XPack, FSX remembers last IP used, COM1 shared cockpit sync.
  7. He points out that the “w” key bug (which restricts side views in cockpit mode to showing the interior of the aircraft with limited visibility out the window, bug introduced in SP1) and autogen fading (rather than having autogen “pop” in and out of view, feature of FS9 dropped in FSX) are not included in these releases
  8. Phil details the DX10 features that will be included: VC shadows, HDR bloom, water enhancements and efficiency improvements.

Once we’re released from NDA I can talk more about my impressions of the products.

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