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Timing of Vancouver+ updates

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

We’re taking our time to add some goodies (like lots of new condos in downtown Vancouver, the Olympic Athletes Village, etc.) to Vancouver+ V3, the version that will be compatible with FTX PNW.  The installation and configurator will have some complexity as well.  So it’ll be a bit (no dates!) until we release that version.

In the meantime, Holger is working on an interim patch that will disable files in the existing version of Vancouver+ which conflict with FTX PNW.  No dates on that either, but watch this space!

And some users have reported successful compatibility between FTX PNW and Victoria+ by just disabling the “VicPlus Lower Priority” scenery folder in the scenery library.  Give that a shot.  We know there will be some conflicts and funnies, but it may provide some of the goodies you yearn for.