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Vancouver+ / FTX PNW Patch Released!

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Vancouver+ interim compatibility patch for ORBX “Pacific Northwest”

This interim patch is intended to allow users of Vancouver+ Version 2 and ORBX Pacific Northwest V1.001 to use both products.  Note that there are a number of minor issues with this patch, which will be addressed in Vancouver+ V3, as well as new features.  You can download the patch here.   Some users have reported that they didn’t get the full download: make sure your download size is 485 KB (497,342 bytes).  If you have trouble, an alternative download site is available here.  Note: this patch is not performance-optimized.

Here’s notes from the readme document.  Please read and follow instructions carefully.

This patch requires default installations of both FSAddon’s “Vancouver+” and ORBX’s NA BLUE “Pacific Northwest”.

NOTE: NA BLUE must be patched to version 1.001 or higher.


Important! Before continuing with this installation please start the Vancouver+ configurator (Start Menu > FSAddon > Vancouver+ FSX > Vancouver+ FSX Configurator), select “Land Class Ground Textures: FSX Standard Textures”, and then click on “Apply Settings and Exit”. All other selections in the configurator panel can remain as they are.


This patch provides an interim solution for making those two titles compatible with one another until Version 3 of Vancouver+ becomes available. For progress on V3 please follow this blog.

A simple batch file will remove all unneeded and incompatible files from your Vancouver+ installation (it won’t make any changes to the FTX PNW installation). The process is reversible by running a repair of the Vancouver+ installation: Windows Start Menu > Programs > FSAddon > Vancouver+ FSX > Uninstall > Repair.


1. Ensure you’ve followed the steps above

2. Run the exe file provided

3. Ensure that the three Vancouver+ entries are higher in the scenery library than the ORBX NA Blue “Pacific Northwest” entries

Known Issues

  • Manual is not updated
  • CAV2: partially in river
  • CBF4: adjacent two buildings float despite flatten
  • CBK2: Chopper may not start at correct height
  • Other heliports may have elevation issues
  • Some vegetation issues north of CYNJ
  • Some small bridges and tunnels may not appear in areas of Van+ coverage which are outside of PNW coverage area
  • Downtown Vancouver, CPYK, CYNJ, Tsawwassen: photoscenery texture blending will not match with PNW textures
  • Skytrain extrusion bridge is not aligned with track along Terminal avenue in Vancouver
  • 7WA3: Elevation anomaly – hanger is up on a block
  • Langley-Murrayville flight – aircraft partially in trees
  • White Rock flight – aircraft not aligned with runway
  • At some floatplane bases, dock parking may overlap with PNW static boats
  • At some floatplane bases, there may be duplicate overlapping docks
  • Airfields (such as CAZ5) and other features in areas of Vancouver+ coverage that do not overlap with NA BLUE may not appear properly
  • Other known bugs with Vancouver+ Version 2 are not fixed in the patch: most if not all will be fixed in Version 3 of Vancouver+ when it is released


For fastest response please visit the Vancouver+ Support Forum

You can find the latest PNW compatibility info on the ORBX support forum.

  1. Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010 at 7:07 pm

    Jon, the patch seems to be corrupted somehow. I’m getting this error:

    ! F:\Downloads\FSX\Scenery\Vancouver+\VancouverPlus_FTX-PNW_patch.zip: Unexpected end of archive

    • Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010 at 7:09 pm

      Oops, false alarm. Turns out it only partially downloaded the first time. This is a problem I have frequently with the fsaddon server. It worked fine once I got the whole thing.

  2. Wednesday, March 24th, 2010 at 8:20 am

    Roger that, Bill. Other users have found the same thing. I’ll note it in the post.

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  2. Wednesday, March 24th, 2010 at 8:31 am
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