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OS 6 on Blackberry 9700 (Bold)

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

This month OS 6 became available for the Bold for Rogers customers. Some thoughts:

  • Upgrade was painless, with prompt for backup and mostly seamless app migration
  • Browser is much improved, but still has fundamental flaws: many pages are “too big” to load; still no Flash support; page zoom is nifty but frequently doesn’t work (I/O keys or context menu)
  • Performance is sometimes sluggish
  • Universal search rocks.  Well, kind of: it only searches names and numbers in contacts, OS5 searched through the entire contact record.
  • Calendar daily display is a disaster, showing only a tiny fraction of the day
  • Still no support for Skype
  • User interface is cool, but more complex
  • YouTube videos are vastly better quality, but jerky
  • Memory is an issue, I’ve had warnings that memory is low and tabs need to be closed. I don’t have very many apps.

There are far more thorough reviews out there, but this is what stuck out for me. For the user satisfied with their phone, using it for simple tasks, this upgrade would just be confusing. For others it’s probably worthwhile.

UPDATE: “page too large” to load, and “low on memory” errors are frequent enough to make this a questionable upgrade.

UPDATE #2: known issue: volume and next/last song function buttons are disabled when the device is in the holster.  😦

UPDATE #3: I think it was too much to ask to squeeze OS6 on to the slower processor and microscopic memory of the 9700. Unless you need to be cool, and don’t mind random waits and out of memory errors give this a miss. Too much time is spent waiting for the spinning hand of nothingness. If you want more than OS5 offers, you’re better off with a 9800, or wait for OS7 on RIM’s next behind-the-curve BB, the 9900.

  1. Wednesday, May 18th, 2011 at 2:32 pm

    Was loving the device until I noticed the memory browser issue. #TECHNOLOGY i TELL YA!!!

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