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What to do about CYHC?

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

The Vancouver Harbour floatplane base (CYHC/CXH) is embroiled in a dispute that doesn’t show signs of imminent resolution.  So we had a couple of decisions to make about how to represent it in the sim:

1. Docks: the current Harbour Air facility has been called temporary by some.  Do we remove it and add the new facility at the convention centre? We decided to leave both in for now.

2. AI traffic: where do we direct our Harbour Air and West Coast Air (now part of Harbour Air) AI traffic?  To the old facility as it is now, or future-proof by making a guess that eventually everybody would move to the new Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre?  We don’t want to engage in the politics, but ended up moving all AI traffic to the new facility.  Not as a guess for the future, but because it was difficult for the AI traffic to maneuver around the convention centre, due to the proximity.