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VictoriaPlus V8 PNW status

Thursday, August 7th, 2014


Beta testers have been busy, and a distribution agreement arranged for the upcoming version of VictoriaPlus.  Screenshots a-coming!   I’ve been working a lot with Larry, and we’ve taken our time to put this together.  I think it’s been well worth it.

There will not be a patch, just an entirely new version, which will be sold by a well-known distributor, marked up a bit, and it will no longer be available directly from me.  If you buy now, you (and previous buyers or donators) will be automatically eligible for a free download of the new version (SP1 inclusive) at no extra cost.

A patch or new version will not be available for those who have not bought or donated in the past.

No date for release, but I will say the features have been locked down and the creation of an installer and final beta are imminent.  So we’re on final.