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Jetway exclusion issue with FSDT CYVR and Van+ V3

Friday, January 9th, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments

Sebastian reported a problem wherein certain jetways in FSDT CYVR did not appear if VancouverPlus V3 was installed and ORBX PNW was not installed.

Some history: MS placed a fictional building at that location which was quite ugly and we excluded it. But of course FSDT excluded the building and our exclusions was no longer needed. This was originally released as a stand-alone download, and was the first free download available for FSX when it was first released, called CYVR_building_fix.

The fix: place this file in <drive letter:>\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\FSAddon\VanPlus v3\VanPlus_Lower_Priority\Scenery. If you repair or reinstall VanPlus you will need to repeat this.

No guarantees though.  As one very well known developer said, “Jetways are a pain in the neck. Somehow the interaction between local excludes and different layers of ADE files (default plus addon #1 plus addon #2 …) makes their behavior/appearance almost impossible to predict.”

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